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Best Director Youth.jpeg
Best Choreography.jpeg
Best Female Performace Youth.jpeg
Best Overall Production Adult.jpeg
Best Overall Production Musical.jpeg
Best Presentation Musical.jpeg
Best Sup Female Performance Youth.jpeg
Best Sup Male Performance Adult.jpeg
Best U14 Female Youth.jpeg
Best U14 Male Performance Musical.jpeg
Moderators Award Adult.jpeg
Best Director Adult.jpeg
Best Female Adult.jpeg
Best Musical Direction.jpeg
Best Presentation Adult.jpeg
Best Presentation Youth.jpeg
Best Sup Female Musical.jpeg
Best U14 Female Adult.jpeg
Best U14 Female Musical.jpeg
Best U14 Male Performance Youth.jpeg
Moderators Award Musical.jpeg
Best Director Musical.jpeg
Best Female Musical.jpeg
Best Male Performance Youth.jpeg
Best Male Musical.jpeg
Best Overall Production Youth.jpeg
Best Sup Female Adult.jpeg
Best Sup Male Musical.jpeg
Best Sup Male Performance Youth.jpeg
Best U14 Male Performance Adult.jpeg
Moderators Award Adult Tryst.jpeg
Moderators Award Youth.jpeg

To see the winners from previous years just follow the link below 

Glammies Winners 2005 - 2020

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