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The Glamorgan Festival of

One-Act Plays


Each year the UK Community Drama Festivals Federation (UKCDFF) promote a series of one-act play festivals for the four United Kingdom Countries

Local Festivals lead the selected productions to a national festival in each country, from which one production is selected to represent its country at the British Final Festival of One-Act Plays.  


Area Festivals are held in various parts of Wales usually from February to May, each play should be no shorter than 20 mins and no longer than 55mins and all adjudicated by the same GoDA Adjudicator, chosen by the Drama Association of Wales (DAW). New writings are encouraged to enter.  The six highest marked productions are selected to appear at the Wales Final. The winning plays then goes forward to represent its country at the British Final. 


The Festivals provide an opportunity for amateur companies to appear in new and varying venues before widely differing audiences; to receive constructive criticism from a qualified adjudicator, and to compare the standard of their own work with that of the other companies taking part. For audiences, the public adjudication of performances offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of theatre.

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This is a very prestigious event and is a golden opportunity to build friendships all over the UK which often last a lifetime.


The GDL Festival is normally held between March and May and we follow the DAW guidelines. The actual Festival normally usually runs over 3 or 4 nights, depended on the number of entries we have.


In the past six years we have had at least one and often two or more GDL member groups put through to the Welsh Final, where we been lucky enough over the years to have several Groups go on the represent Wales in the British Finals. Again we have had a fair share of success with GDL Companies winning the British Final no less than 5 times, 1977 (PT), 1982 (PT), 1986 (PT), 2016 (UTC) and 2018 (PT) and the Players’ Theatre (PT) hold the record for winning the most times, so we really are Champions.


Our home for the Regional Rounds is now The Savoy Theatre, Tonyrefail a lovely little Theatre owned and run by Dan & Hayley.  Our hope for the future is we can continue the success we have known but we cannot do that without your support.

Here are the important documents for you to read

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